How to protect a casino and its customers: all about land-based casino security systems.

The gambling industry is directly related to diverse financial operations. Therefore, to avoid various fraudulent activities and guarantee customers complete security, each prestigious casino pays special attention to the security system.

The activity of any gambling establishment is accompanied by a large flow of visitors and large cash flows. We can say that part of the success and effective functioning of gambling business depends on a properly built concept of security system.


Casino security – an integral system, a set of measures aimed at ensuring the safety of ground gaming enterprises. The structure of protection of casinos includes a list of specific units of different specializations:

  • Physical security of the entire territory of the gambling establishment;
  • comprehensive security of gaming halls;
  • individual protection of certain customers (VIP);
  • technical tools for the protection of a gambling house, the entire territory, parking lots;
  • uninterrupted video system to control all gambling processes.

Unfortunately, the risks in the casino are quite high. As a rule, this:

  • fraudulent and illegal actions by certain players;
  • theft of property from land businesses;
  • vandalism;
  • fraud on the part of casino staff;
  • disorderly conduct and the emergence of conflict situations.

All of the above factors are the cause of significant losses for the casino, which may adversely affect its image, reputation and financial condition.

Security of the casino: what is it?

The ground security system is divided into two main sections: physical security and a specialized surveillance division. Each branch has a number of specific tasks aimed at ensuring the safe operation of the casino.

Physical Security

Physical security of a casino is a complex measure aimed at protecting a gambling house by providing full security. This type of protection is one of the most common methods to protect the integrity of the gambling plant, its tangible assets and monetary assets, the life and health of staff and customers.

Military men wearing uniform

The main emphasis in the work of security personnel, which are an integral part of the physical security of the casino, is on knowledge and control of the gambling establishment, the operating procedures in it, as well as understanding of all principles and mechanisms of gambling processes.

Ground casino security staff are divided into the following types:

  • control at the entrance to a gambling house (face control);
  • gaming hall security;
  • specialized groups of security guards of rapid response in case of emergency situations;
  • operational surveillance staff;
  • security representatives, who are responsible for the complete support and control of cash flows in the ground casino, collection;
  • individual protection of clients with “VIP” status.

It should be noted that the casino carries out a thorough selection of representatives of the security service, as these specialists play an important role in the successful functioning of the entire business project.

Before you go directly to work, security staff must undergo professional training. As a rule, preliminary training includes:

  • Familiarity with direct job duties;
  • physical training;
  • an algorithm of actions to be taken in the event of an emergency;
  • familiarization with all the technical equipment to be used in casino operations;
  • legal and psychological training;
  • learning the basic business processes that are peculiar to a gambling establishment.

CCTV systems

In addition to physical security, each casino has a specialized department for video surveillance. The specifics of its work is to manage a closed system for monitoring everything that happens in the gambling room. Thanks to the work of this department, authorized security officers will be able to calculate as quickly as possible any disciplinary violation among visitors and casino staff. For this purpose, the interior of the casino, car park and the entire perimeter is equipped with high-precision video cameras with the maximum possible expansion. As it is very important to get a quality image that will convey clear colors and a clear picture.

CCTV systems in house

The video surveillance system in casino gaming rooms is fundamentally different from security surveillance systems. In a conventional security television system (CCTV) the main task – to register the fact of penetration of an intruder into the protected area and, as a rule, an alarm notification to the guards about this event. As a rule, for these purposes it is enough to see on the screen the silhouette of the intruder, who, for example, climbed over the fence. A triggered motion detector of the recorder will generate an alarm signal and a buzzer will “wake up” the operator or guard, who will have to take measures to apprehend the intruder. In such a system it is quite possible, for example, not to distinguish colors and not to recognize faces, the main thing is not to miss the passage of the object through the protected area. The situation in the casino is fundamentally different. The video surveillance system in the gaming rooms security function is secondary, but there are two other incomparably more complex tasks: total control of the gameplay on the tables and exposing possible fraudulent actions of visitors and (or) casino employees.

Casino – a “tidbit” for scammers and thieves, who can use the most modern technical means to implement their plans, as well as bribing employees, etc. There are cases when scammers managed to pull millions out of the casino, and the most successful “combinations” we probably will never know.

CCTV systems on street

It is safe to say that all the long existing casinos have been attacked by scammers many times. Often the amounts they were able to take possession of, many times higher than the cost of the entire video surveillance system. In addition, there are cases where even an honest player makes a mistake and claims to have won, mixing up, for example, the neighboring fields. In this case, a clear demonstration of the record game process will help to extinguish the conflict in the beginning and, most importantly, to maintain customer loyalty to the casino.

Ways to solve problems

There are two ways to solve these problems: installing one or two rotating cameras above each table or installing fixed cameras above the tables.