Video Surveillance

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Casino: all bets on black?

Every casino in our world needs the most modern security equipment. One of the key elements to meet this challenge is video surveillance in casinos. With the help of video surveillance, we can maintain order in the casino, provide service at an appropriate level, notice and timely suppress violations of the rules of the institution, both by employees and visitors. What are these security measures aimed at, you ask. As a rule, this:

  • Violations of order visitors to the casino: theft, card substitution, card account, collusion with staff;
  • Crimes committed by casino staff: bribes and the deliberate issuance of a profitable combination of cards to the player;
  • Error of a technical nature that could lead to the loss of the financial plan, as well as criminal liability for them;
  • Attempts to conceal the truth, substitution of winnings, etc.

Video surveillance in the casino records conflicts between employees and visitors to the institution. Subsequently, the guards have the opportunity to extract audio and visual evidence of the conflict. This helps the security service to easily navigate the gaming rooms, quickly analyze the situation and respond to lightning fast.

Video surveillance in the casino, in particular, in its gaming rooms is fundamentally different from conventional security surveillance systems.

What do we want from a regular video surveillance system?

If a person breaks into the territory, the penetration is recorded by security cameras, and the alert comes to the security console. The usual Motion Detector and Line Crossing Detector help us do this. In this system, we do not need to look at the intruder’s face, identify colors, etc. For this task we just need a camera with automatic zoom capability and good video surveillance software such as Xeoma.

In casinos the situation changes radically. Security functions of the video surveillance system fall into the background, but its intellectual capabilities go on stage. Total control of the gameplay and exposure of possible fraudsters, that’s what you need in the casino. Often scammers want to get this “tidbit” or “kush” and are willing to do anything for him, whether it’s a substitution of combinations, card count or conspiracy with the croupier. There are cases when scammers managed to pull millions out of the casino, and whether it was fortune on their side or someone from the staff, we will never know. Sometimes even drunk players can become the center of conflict, in this state, a person can get mixed up playing fields or combinations. CCTV footage, where his cards, the situation at the gaming table and the behavior of other players can be clearly and clearly seen, helps to calm down the troublemaker.

CCTV in the casino

Facial recognition helps to find recidivist intruders. If a casino guest has been spotted playing a dishonest game, and most often it’s a “card account”, he will be excluded from the institution and his photo will be recorded in the database. The “Face Detection” module will record the repeated presence of such a player in the institution and inform the guards. And here no overhead mustache will help anymore.

To achieve maximum efficiency video surveillance in the casino should cover all areas with an increased risk of incidents. What are the cameras in the casino:

  • The front entrances and exits;
  • Service exits and technical rooms;
  • Cash desks;
  • Lavatories;
  • Pete;
  • Gaming tables;
  • Camera “general view” of the casino room (this is often used PTZ camera “fish eye” with a 360-degree angle of view, allowing you to see the “all at once” in one picture).

Also cameras are present in the wardrobe, which helps to avoid theft from pockets, and maybe expensive fur products.

Such systems often use the best cameras, with perfect color reproduction, wide viewing angle and detailed zoom. After all, it should not just watch the hall, but also show even the smallest details, such as the suit of cards on the player’s hands, the number and face value of chips on the table. Cameras are put behind the croupier that allows to watch simultaneously actions of distributing and playing. One camera always looks at players’ cards.

Thus, installing video surveillance in the casino, you can be sure that you are as safe as possible from fraud on the part of both visitors and staff. Even the very presence of video surveillance has a psychological effect: no one will try to cheat, count cards, perform other illegal actions, knowing that he is being watched. As a result, video surveillance in the casino will help you maintain a comfortable atmosphere in your institution and protect yourself from large financial losses.